My 9 Travel Essentials!

Tis the season for vacations and roller suitcases!  And I LOVE it!  I just returned from an adventure in Portland and want to share with you my very favorite things that make travel such a joy for me. I’ve curated this list over dozens of flights, layovers, road trips and train rides, and through all of them, these are the things I can’t live without on the road, in the air, or on the rails. Let’s GO!


1. Eye mask.
A grumpy traveler is an unnecessary companion. And with early a.m. or late night flights, time zone changes, and layovers, our bods can get pretty confused about when they’re meant to rest. Enter the eye mask. It helps you give your bod the clue that it’s time to rest by simulating darkness. When your body feels the dark, it actually starts producing the sleep hormone that helps you get rested. (I adore this one gifted to me from a friend and have nicknamed it the ‘eye bra’. It lets you blink and blocks out every bit of light — amazing!)

2. Earplugs.
Softening the sound around me just makes my trip more pleasant. Much like my aversion to the harshness of fluorescent lighting, harsh sounds are NOT the way to enjoy a trip. Sound sleep is a necessity, and rest during the journey is a joy. These babies are life savers. For a bonus, bring along spare pairs and tuck them in all your bags. Then you’ll always have a fresh pair to share and will have them within reach in a pinch.

3. Inflatable neck pillow.
Those neck pillow germ magnets I see people carry around in airports are both impractical (because they’re huge) and filthy (because they hang outside of your bag like a pillow that just wouldn’t fit).  You know the ones I’m taking about that resemble a bean bag for your neck?? But the usefulness and comfort brought on by a neck pillow is irrefutable. An inflatable neck pillow fits compactly in your bag, has its own carry case so much fewer germs, and can be used as an armrest and book leaner too. Best $10 I’ve ever spent on travel goods.

4. Compression socks.
I can’t believe I’m telling you about this one, but if you’re like me and your feet or legs swell when you travel, these will be a godsend to you. They’ll keep your toes from turning into sausages and your shoes will still fit after a long flight. A bonafide miracle for yours truly (but not without their “I feel like my grandma” stigma). Still so worth it.

5. Essential Oils.
Last year, I swapped out my medicine cabinet in favor of doTERRA and Young Living essential oils that naturally do the same thing as my massive bottle of Excedrin. Since then, I have traveled with a few of them religiously: Peppermint (for headaches, alertness, and belly discomfort), Lavender (for relaxing), Frankinscence (for lathering on my face at the end of my flight), and Cedarwood (for grounding before or after I land). Love all of these so much! I feel like an exotic Medicine Woman with these in tow!

6. A wide, light scarf.
It can be used as a shawl or blanket and adds panache to any travel ensemble.

7. Evian spray mist.
I found this in an airport years ago, and my little bottle is still in use today!  I spray a little mist on my face or arms at the end of a flight and immediately feel refreshed.

8. An outfit I feel fabulous in.
I like to imagine that I’m a jet setting woman on my way to my next luxurious locale.  Or that Taylor Swift finally realizes how much she needs me as her Life Coach and is flying me out to LA or Nashville for our VIP session.  When I arrive, I want to feel ah-mazing, so I dress the part.

9.  To wrap up any adventure, I unpack immediately when I get home.
It closes the energy loop of travel and helps me feel settled, grounded and clean. Ahh the feeling of being home after a time away can’t be beat!

In the comments, do you have any travel essentials?  What’s the most important part of planning/packing/taking a trip for you?

And, don’t forget to schedule your complimentary Make Magic Now session with me. You deserve all the beautiful experiences life has to offer, and I’m here to help you navigate!

Sending you much love on your next adventure! XOXOXO, Sara

Travel with Bag

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It’s Your Time to Shine! (yes, you)

I hope you had a lovely refreshing holiday weekend! Now we’re officially past the halfway point for 2014, and I’m curious, how’s it going so far? Better, worse, or so-so, than you imagined in January? Do you feel bright, hopeful, free, more ‘you’ than when you started this year?

I ask this now because, well, I’m a coach, and asking questions like this is what I DO.

It’s what helps us notice if we’re off track, if we’re not paying attention to what we really want, and it’s what helps us get back on track. It’s my absolute pleasure to be the question asker, and your personal sherpa through answering these questions and figuring out what to do once you do.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but I believe that you’re here for magnificence. That you’re meant to experience and create every joy you can. And to gracefully, open-heartedly navigate through the tough times. That’s why I do the work that I do with the amazing ladies that I do (you!). It’s what I’m here for. And it’s my absolute JOY.

My coaching is all about quieting the outside voices, opinions, and “shoulds” so that you can hear your own voice. It makes you feel lit up from the inside out and like anything is possible. When you’re not in touch, you feel stressed, crazy busy or like you have no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I totally get this because I’ve been there.

But listen, gorgeous, this is no way to live. Going through the motions, waiting for a break, for inspiration, or for something to change is no way to live either.

You are meant for more. 

You are meant to live by the guidance of your very own North Star — your intuition — following your hot tracks of joy, noticing when things are out of alignment and bravely (easily even) course correcting.

It’s never too late. All that you desire can be yours. 

It’s time for you to step into your own light. 


For you (you, especially), I’ve extended (for the last time ever) my two month VIP one-on-one coaching program. Now is the time for you to course-correct before we get to the end of the year without you feeling as amazing as you know deep down that you can.

Schedule your complimentary Make Magic Now session to see if you + me + two months of exploring is a good match. I’ll share all the special details about this program on the call with you too.

This will be the last time to work with me on this shorter time frame.  If you have the feeling that you want your next 6 months to be different than your last 6 (or your last 6 years) then we need to get together to Make Magic Now.

There’s no need for you to stay stuck, ambivalent, or just going through the motions. That’s black-and-white and you were made for all of the glorious colors of the rainbow.

I have 7 spaces open in this 2-Month VIP program, and once they’re gone, the two-month option is gone too.

Seize this gorgeous summer day.  MAKE MAGIC NOW!


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5 Keys to Finding Your Dream Guy

I met Andrew in English class Sophomore year of high school.  It was alphabetical fate thanks to his last name starting with a K and mine with an M and our seats being right next to each other.

I crushed on him from a distance until halfway through our Freshman year of college when I called his parents’ house to get his email address.  

Ahhh the days before Facebook and cell phones!

I just realized that I’ve known my guy for over half of my life.  Holy wow.  I’ve known him for longer than I haven’t. Well that happened fast!  

And since today is our 4 year wedding anniversary and I’m more wild about him than ever, I’ve been thinking about what it is that made me want to marry him in the first place.  (Aside from that gorgeous face!)

wedding pic


There were a few things about him in English class that immediately captivated me:

1.  He was cute.

2.  He was in an honors class with me so I knew that he was smart.

3.  He was quietly witty in a way that wasn’t showy like many of the boys I was friends with at the time. Modest yet confident and witty?  Felt like a diamond  in the rough.

4. He was SO cute!

Looks, brains, and wit got my attention, but what turned him from my decade long boyfriend into husband material?

Here are the exact things that made me know he was more than a boy crush and that are huge in deciding if your guy is for keeps.
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I Dare You

Hello Dearest,

One of my brilliant clients passed the video at the bottom onto me and I found myself laughing, recoiling and thinking OH YEAH, she (Amy Schumer) got it so right.

Warning (shout-out Mom and Aunt Carol!): There is adult language here so if you’re watching at work or around little people, make sure you’ve got your headphones on.

If you skip the vid, here’s the gist: friends run into each other in Central Park, each complimenting the other while the complimentee goes to the extreme EXTREME to deny the compliments.

Finally their last friend walks up, receives her compliment, and says thank you.  On cue, the rest of the ladies decombust.

It’s nauseating, hysterical, and sadly so freaking true about how we behave with each other.  You can relate, right?  It features all of the hallmarks of how we typically receive a compliment: deflection, talking ourselves down, self deprecation, sarcasm, vulgarity.

Which leads me to our game of Truth or Dare today.

I dare you (because I love you) to send your BFFs (or those whose opinions you trust) an email and ask them what they admire most about you.

Your email could even read something like this:

{Dear Loved One,

My virtual (or real life if you’re already a client) Life Coach, Sara Mazenko, encouraged me to send this to you.  And even though it makes me reeeeeally uncomfortable, I’m doing it anyway because I think she’s on to something.  Could you please share what it is you most admire about me?  It would mean the world to me.

Love you to the moon and stars,

Your bugaboo

PS. If you’re curious what prompted this email, read this.}


Now, after you sit patiently going about your day, NOT checking your email every 20 seconds for responses, I dare you to read their words (in lieu of ignoring them).

I dare you to read their words again, this time without cringing.

I dare you to take a deep breath and read their words again.  Breathing each bit of love into your cells.

I dare you to read them out loud.

I dare you to read them every day for a week.

And watch how you don’t decombust.

Most of all, I dare you to believe them.  The ultimate truth, perhaps?

Let the words radiate out of you just like a ginormous diamond resting smack dab in the middle of your heart.

It’s best for all of us when you can shine without cringing.  Without deflecting.  Without shaming. 

And if you can’t quite believe their words yet, practice the tried and true Life Coach approved method until you can: fake it ’til you make it.

I dare you.

With love,



The video in case you want to watch:


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Are You Tired of Feeling Scared?

It has been pouring in DC for the past few days and finally yesterday the sunshine and 80 degree weather arrived and it felt like all the tension of the week could melt out of my bones.  

You see, Sunday night I got scared like crazy and was carrying that around with me like a 100 pound sack all week.  

We were leaving Whole Foods as they were closing and across the street, in our peaceful, lively neighborhood was a loud violent fight.  With five or six men.  One yelling lady.  And a baby.  

Yes, a baby. On the hip of the mama.

I could hear the punching and kicking and the yelling and see the chairs flying.  My heartrate went through the roof and I slid back into the exit of the grocery store and called 911.  

But the fighting kept going.  And if there’s one thing I absolutely can’t stomach, it’s violence. It makes me feel out of control and weak.  It makes me feel the need to hide behind my dad and get everyone I love as far away as possible from the danger.   

It terrifies me. 


That’s why I was so relieved when I checked my email and saw the most wonderful thing.

Somehow, thankfully, I’ve gotten on the update email chain of  a young American woman who has been living on the island of St. John  She decided to pack or sell all of her belongings again and has taken a job on a sailboat.  She updates her family and friends via mass email and I have been fortunate to be a recipient.

Why is it lucky to get emails from and learn about  the life of a new friend I very well could never meet in person?  

Well I’ll tell you: her emails are so ALIVE.  She is daring to embark (literally) on an unknown course.  She is full of hope and trust and humor and delight.  She is brave.  And she is generous in sharing her adventure.  

She is what I imagine each of us wants to be in some way.  

Free to roam.  Free to create experiences.  Free to feel safe no matter where we are.  Free to create whatever it is we wish instead of only talking about it.

She inspires me to wash away the terror from the fight I saw Sunday night and to keep creating the kind of beauty I so wish to see in the world.  

Even when others are creating ugliness and perpetuating fear.   Especially when this is happening.  

Because fear is fleeting but creating beauty in your own world is inextinguishable.

I want you to take this weekend and do one little thing to bring your life,

the life you really really want to live, ALIVE.  

To acknowledge your fear and do it anyway.

For me this past week that looked like hiring an assistant for my team (trust me, you’ll be crazy about her too!) so that my vocation, this business where I have the privilege of serving you, can come to life even more in the way I dream.

For this weekend, I’ve planned lots of decadent self care — dates with my mom, sister, and girlfriends.  Finally using a massage gift certificate I got for my birthday.  A slumber party with my niece.  And lots of outside time with my face to the sunshine.  

Fear can only overtake us for as long as we agree to not create what we want. Tweet that. 

In the comments, I’d love to hear one thing you will do to bring your life to life.

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