Why Getting Messy Is Sexy

My dearest, Spring is here. 

It’s officially the season of renewal.  Of sloughing off the old, the tired, the heavy and opening up.  


After this loooooong winter, I imagine you’re just as ready as I am for nonstop sunshine and putting away your furry coat for good.

But with Spring comes bravery.  To not just sit inside anymore shrouded from the cold, but instead to allow yourself to bloom.

Photo courtesy of dulyposted.com

Photo courtesy of dulyposted.com

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Waking Up Uninspired? 50+ ways to jumpstart your day

Today is a good day for big jewelry and fabulous shoes

to have a dance party in your living room

to sing at the top of your lungs.


Today is a good day to light your favorite candle

to drink your tea extra slowly

to cry your eyes out

to have a broken heart.


Today is a good day to plant seeds

to say

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3 Steps to Ignoring Good Advice

I was young, eager, looking for validation, chronically putting too much pressure on myself, and a smidge naive.

The story of many of us our first year out of college, huh?

So what did my fab boss at my first job do but set me up on a lunch date with the trusted fundraising advisor of the nonprofit where I worked.

We were to talk about my future and  I was hungry for his advice — I thought that he could help me decide my next move: grad school, another job, how to actually feel like a contributor and not a lowly recent college grad ASAP.

This guy was smart, accomplished, and revered by someone I trusted greatly so I really cared what he thought about me and extra cared that he was willing to share his wisdom with moi.

He gave me two pieces of seemingly great advice that stand out 10 years later.

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Go from Ho-hum to Magic Maker

I haven’t told you this yet, but I have a finely tuned sixth sense, also known as intuition.  Andrew thinks it’s creepy sometimes, but I think it’s just about my best attribute.  It makes me feel a bit like Wonder Woman.

I’ve felt something brewing among you.  Something telling you that your time is now and that you’re not meant to wait one more second.

Make magic now

You want clarity beauty and joy — most of all joy — and you’re sick of going
through the motions with only glimmers of these basic life necessities.  
Yeah, clarity, beauty, joy are non-negotiables.  They’re THAT necessary.

Because my vocation happens to be helping you with these very problems, I knew in my heart that I had to create something just for you.

Right here.

Right now.

That jump starts you into the best year of your life.  (A lofty intention but, –> totally feel-able, experience-able, and do-able).  I promise.

So I’ve created

a short term (two month) super special deep dive

program for 6 special women who are ready to leap now. 

I’m brewing up another something wonderful for you that will be born in the next couple of months and that you can join then.  But in the meantime, I’m feeling like what you need is some immediate and golden work together for March and April.

I like to think of this as Spring Cleaning soul style, if you will.

You’re ready to jumpstart your project, find the confidence you’ve been lacking, make this the year of your dreams, and get clarity on what that means.  You’re looking to make your home someplace you love, to get organized and to get some pep back in your step.

You’re tired of the old way and know it’s not working.  You want a little piece of magic.

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