6 Things I Know For Sure

Posted by on December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I meet you with that strange combination of jubilation and despair — such an exciting time of year and then flat out horror.

I know this feeling well because of the many months spent missing my dad but living in the presence of gorgeous life and the happinesses that are a natural part of living too.

While not having cable has kept me from the relentless news cycle, no one can escape the terror of last week in Connecticut.

I don’t even have kids yet, but I’ve already made a plan for Andrew and I to build our own plantation that will include all the necessities to keep them close to home and safe: a school, library, grocery store, Disney World, and the beach.

How I wish that would work.

There have been many talks, articles, tweets, news shows, and facebook posts about the tragedy which has led me to think about a few things.

I thought maybe you could use this list too.

Things I Know For Sure

1. The little ones are safe and happy.

    They are embraced in a love that we have no idea about yet.  They are not scared or in pain or angry.  They are with their parents and families and are wrapping all of them up in their arms so they can grieve and heal.

2. People are 99.9% good.

There are earth angels all around the world doing truly amazing work – most do so quietly but some we get to witness and take part in on a grand scale.  

3. I have a say over what I feed my mind.

I only have so much mental space so I have to ration my intake of things that weigh me down or I would be a blithering idiot.  When horrifying things happen, you can direct how you heal.  Some things I do: turn off the TV, computer, and close newspapers and magazines.  Open up to things that help me feel better — a hot bath, nice dinner, wrapping presents, staring at christmas tree lights, yoga, a run, a phone call with a friend, prayers, and remembering #2.

4. Helping others feel good always feels good.

Check this out.

5. Compassion and non-judgment work in helping me feel more peaceful and less scared.

Compassion for myself. Compassion for others. (Even those I never ever ever have a hope of understanding).  Revisit #2.

6. Love always rules. 

In the form of: empathy, a note, gratitude, forgiveness, apologies, hugs, kindness, patience, hope and faith.


Sending you many wishes for wellness, safety and peace.