I Want Money, Lots and Lots of Money

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One of my most pronounced memories from childhood is a 10 second snapshot from the summer of 1990.

I’m in the car with my best friend and her mom.  We’ve pulled into my family’s driveway, but we stay in the car because our favorite song just came on the radio.

We belt the lyrics as loud as our tone-deaf 7 year-old lungs will let us:

“I want money, lots and lots of money!

So don’t be asking me whyyyy —

I wanna be rich!”


While we’re often not quite so explicit, Americans do tend to have many things on our “want” lists.   We want cars and houses and designer shoes.  We want promotions and husbands and second homes in Hawaii.

What are we really seeking?

If all we really want is money and stuff, then as Americans we should be the happiest people in the world.

Instead, even as our GDP has doubled, our levels of happiness have remained stagnant.


What I think I want.


Abundant, Happy, and Free.

What we want is to feel a certain way, and we think that buying things is what will give that to us.

Really, this want has nothing to do with stuff.  It’s about how we imagine we will feel when we have it.

For example, wanting a vacation home in Hawaii is just my way of saying I want to feel happy.

Working for myself is about feeling free from cubicles and the whims of managers.

Wanting to be successful in my work is about feeling abundant.


What I really want.

Try this on yourself.

1) List your top 5-10 “wants,” whatever it is that they may be.  For example, “I want to go on a vacation.”

2) Visualize yourself having or owning this thing that you want. What does it look/taste/smell like?  How do you feel when you have it in your possession?

3) Write down 1 word that represents how you feel when you have this item.  “I feel relaxed when I imagine myself on vacation.”

4) Then plug your “want” into the first blank and your “feeling” into the second blank of the sentence below:

“When I have ______, I will feel ______.”

For me it would be, “When I go on a vacation, I will feel relaxed.”

5) Acknowledge that the real goal in your life is the feeling, not the item.

6) Find ways to experience this feeling everyday — and get used to being happy!!!

For me, I now know that I don’t need to go on vacation to feel relaxed.  In fact, spending money on a vacation might make me feel tense and anxious.

Instead, I can feel relaxed by drinking a glass of wine in my backyard with my husband.  Or going for a walk on the beach in the morning.  Or just getting into bed with a good book an hour before I want to go to sleep.


Peace, Love and Happiness

Do you know the line that comes after “I wanna be rich?”

“For a little peace, love, and happiness.”  😉


What do you really want?

Are you clear on what you want from this one precious life?

Are you ready to feel the freedom and happiness that comes from living aligned with your deepest values everyday?

Join Sara, myself, and the fabulous women of the Love Your Life community for June’s Happiest Woman You Know starting this Monday, June 4th!

Sign-up for the course closes tomorrow at 5pm PST — don’t miss out!



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