The Best Investment You Can Make

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Starting out as entrepreneurs is a pretty scary thing.  While Cary and I have been experimenting and researching for years – in effect living our dream job ‘on the side’, we only made this ‘side-work’ our full time livelihood as of January of this year.

This is what our offices will eventually look like.

There have been learning curves galore and the overachievers in us have gotten monumentally impatient, and energized simultaneously, at the skill and time it takes to learn the minutiae of running a business.

We are bombarded daily with classes to help us expand our business, make it run smoother, or to better our skills.  Coaching, blogging, marketing, listening, writing, copy writing – you name it, the list goes on and on.

We have shied away from many of these because they just seem too pricey, time intensive, and the long list of things to learn is daunting for us right now.

Why is it that when faced with opportunities to invest in ourselves, we often create excuses for why we can’t do it?


Even Cary and I do this and our business and passion are the same which you’d think would make the investment come more easily.

Two things hold us back, collectively:  fear of success and fear of failure.

Once you step outside of your comfort zone, you can’t go back.  There’s no pretending that you don’t know what’s behind the other side of the curtain ever again.  The jig is up.  If you succeed, the bar has been raised.  And if you fail, you’re forced to start over, albeit with loads of perspective.

And so instead, we get by on ‘enough’.  I’m happy enough.  My job is good enough.  I’m healthy enough.  On a scale of 1 to 10, enough rates about a 5.

Luckily not all are satisfied with just enough.

My dear cousin, the same one who is getting married in two weeks, is doing her first sprint triathlon this coming weekend. One weekend before her wedding.  That is not a typo.

Go Bride GO!

The text message I got from her when she told me about her big event contained no fewer than 20 exclamation points.

She has – perhaps subconsciously – been mentally and physically setting herself up to do a triathlon over the past few months by running more and joining a swimming group at the beginning of the year.

She had made small investments in herself that will now let her accomplish something she’s dreamed about for years.

She’s facing head-on the negative self-talk that tells you something is too hard and giving it a high five.

And she is absolutely going to have a rocking time.

Oh the joy of giving ourselves what we want.  Of allowing ourselves the permission to seek that which exalts us.  That which encourages us to expand more fully into the person we really think we’re meant to be.

The permission you are seeking is here.  It’s always been yours, but sometimes it takes hearing it from someone else to make it real and okay. So here it goes:

That thing that intrigues you, the event that scares you a little, but is alluring nonetheless, that class that costs more than you would normally spend – go for it.


Take that broadcast journalism class.

Move to that new place.

Sign up for the big race.

Write your first blog post.

Do not hold back.

Do not waste one more precious second of your life thinking that you are not allowed, that procrastination is okay, and that investing in yourself is a waste of time or money.

Rid yourself of those limiting beliefs and make the best investment you could ever make.

You will have only you to thank.

And you will feel this good.

So what are Cary and I taking the leap on?  A class that is well out of our budget, but is taught by our girl crush mentor, who we think rules.  We are going for it.  And it feels damn good.

Ready to take the first steps to shedding your limiting beliefs and investing in yourself?

Join us for a complimentary 30-minute ‘phone retreat’ Tuesday night at 4pm PST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST. 

Sign up for it by clicking here.

Cary and I will be sharing our favorite tools in four major areas that we’ve found to produce the best results for a happy you.  Think of it as a first step to investing in yourself. 

All you’ll need is a comfy peaceful spot at home, a glass of wine or tea, and a little notebook and pen.

For right now, tell us two things below in the comments:

  1. One time that you’ve made an investment in yourself and if it paid off.
  2. One mini-leap that you can take today to invest in yourself.

Maybe your leap is signing up for this.




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